Hip and Pelvis

The hip joints are large, stable ball and socket joints that are capable of a significant range of movement.  They bear the weight of the upper body as it is transferred through the pelvis.

Your pelvis is a ring of bones that meet at the pubic symphesis at the front and at the sacroiliac joints at the back where your tailbone and pelvis meet.  A huge amount of force is placed on the pelvis through many large strong muscles that attach to it.

Hip pain can occur at any age:  Some babies can have congenital hip complaints that might cause on-going issues.  Active people and sports enthusiasts may experience symptoms from overuse, the older patient may suffer due to an arthritic condition and women may experience pelvic and hip pain during pregnancy or after childbirth.

Whilst issues with the hip joint can refer pain to the buttock, groin or leg, pain felt in your hip may stem from an underlying problem in your pelvis or back.

Whether you are popping to the shops or climbing a mountain, maintaining the health of your hips and pelvis will allow you to do it well.

At The Osteopathy Centre I aim to give you the tools to take control of your health by understanding the causes of pain and symptoms in your hip, pelvis or lower back.

I appreciate the need for good hip and pelvic health to keep you moving, whether it be popping to the shops, keeping up with the children, walking the dog or running a marathon!

At The Osteopathy Centre, I will provide a tailored solution to restore your mobility and help provide pain free movement.

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